Building Management System Software

Open General’s Building Management System software Openxpress is built around the FIN software suite that provides monitoring, control, scheduling, alarming, visualization, integration and analytic capabilities that can be integrated by OEM’s into a range of products and services. OpenXpress can also be used by system integrators as an out-of-box software.


MicroBMS is an application suite on   FIN Framework, usually running on a controller, gateway, HMI or server. Until now, fully featured building management systems have been too complex and costly for smaller or less complex buildings.

Combining the power of FIN Framework and Haystack tagging, FIN microBMS application suite delivers the benefits of a BMS without the cost and complexity to make your buildings smart, connected, comfortable and efficient. Whether a small retail or a school building, FIN microBMS provides the right functionality. Equipped with a control engine, FIN microBMS can also run system level control or plant room control functions.


Edge2Cloud is a feature that allows users of the OpenXpress Framework to monitor and control remote building services infrastructure with cloud computing that performs real-time diagnostics and over-the-air updates, reducing costs and disruption, over a secure network.   Until now, this has required IT support, including the use of a VPN connection, or having to visit site, using up valuable time and resources.

OpenXpress Framework

Built on J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework, OpenXpress is an out-of-the-box building operating system that provides tools and applications that can be engineered quickly and easily

Energy Management System

Energy management systems play an important role in the control of building energy consumption. These systems provide energy consumers with information about their energy consumption patterns and help them adopt energy-efficient behavior. The new generation energy management systems leverage advanced analytics and communication technologies to offer building managers actionable information and control features, while ensuring ease of use, availability and security.

Tenant Billing

The Openxpress Tenant Billing software allows organisations to apportion utility costs such as electricity, gas, water, thermal energy (chilled & hot) to tenants, internal departments and business cost centres. In non-submetered commercial and residential buildings, for instance, tenants are typically billed on square footage of rented space. In this scenario, the landlord receives an electrical bill for the entire facility and bills each tenant based on the amount of space they rent. The problem here is that tenants are not billed based on power consumption behavior, but rather they are billed based on the total consumption of the rest of the tenants. Because tenants realize that they are not billed based on individual consumption, there is no incentive to reduce consumption. The expectation is that if nobody else changes their behavior then each tenant will still pay the same amount.

Open General BACnet Hardware 

Our BACnet BTL Certified range of Building Automation Controllers for HVAC and Energy Management systems are built to be reliable, accurate, and to exceed expectations.

Open General was the first Australian Based Building Automation Controls company to attain Bacnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) certification of it’s Australian designed and manufactured range of BACnet direct digital controllers. 

Wireless Devices

In 2013 the parent company of  Open General acquired a USA based wireless sensor company namely Spinwave Systems Inc.

Spinwave Wireless Systems Inc designs, manufactures and markets wireless networks and a full complement of wireless sensors and products geared to improving the operating efficiency of buildings and data centres.  Spinwave’s products enable building owners to manage facilities more efficiently by allowing them to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort and optimize productivity by providing data, cost effectively and in real time.  The Spinwave products have been re-designed to allow direct interface to the Open General range of products or any other 3rd party Open Protocol system that is able to communicate and interface to BACnet, Lonworks & Modbus protocols