B16  BACnet Controller
Native BACnet Direct Digital Controller

The OPEN General B16 BACnet programmable controller is a native BACnet, universal stand alone direct digital controller specifically designed for use in a multitude array of building automation and energy management applications. The key features of B16 controller as follows:

•  Dense Input/Output configuration – Total of Sixteen Inputs/Outputs

•  Native BACnet Compatibility

•  Universal Power Supply Range (18-36 VDC, 15-24VAC) 

•  Flash memory programmability 

•  Onboard PID Loops for configuration

•  RS485 BACnet MSTP Communication Port 

•  On board BACnet node hardware switches for manual address setting. 

•  Fully programmable via easy logical OPENWare programming languag

•   Compatible with OPENXpress web operator interface

•  LEDs provide simple troubleshooting information and indicate communication
  activity   for all ports.