Making Better Energy Decisions Using Energy Intelligence & Analytics

Energy Management System

Making Better Energy Decisions Using Energy Intelligence & Analytics

Energy Management

Energy management systems play an important role in the control of building energy consumption. These systems provide energy consumers with information about their energy consumption patterns and help them adopt energy-efficient behavior. The new generation energy management systems leverage advanced analytics and communication technologies to offer building managers actionable information and control features, while ensuring ease of use, availability and security.OpenXpress’s Fin and Haystack/Skyspark tagging framework capability allows automatic harvesting of the building’s energy use data from building automation systems, metering systems, lighting, weather, and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. The advanced Energy Management System analytics informs building operators of issues via a complete suite of Apps that automatically visualize operational data, and highlight patterns, correlations, and KPI’s, all without requiring custom development of graphical screens.


As your building services devices and systems communicate with each other, they generate and store valuable data. With this valuable data being stored and aggregated using the   Power of the Fin and Haystack open system tagging architecture, the data is able to be extensively diagnosed by the Analytics software algorithm libraries in order to identify any threats to occupant comfort and mechanical system inefficiencies with less time, less work, less energy waste and less expense.

It allows scalability of the Building Analytics system to work across one or multiple facilities across your portfolio. You can run analyses, generate reports and create algorithms that refine your controls programming in a workflow customized to your needs and site.

Benefits of Analytics

End to End Efficiency

Optimised Labour

Increased Energy Savings

Operational Excellence

Powered by FIN Open Framework

Higher Performance = Environmentally Friendly

Built in tools for a simplified approach

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Built on the latest Haystack 4 standards allowing for more detailed data and more informative interface


Created using HTML5, OpenXpress can be viewed on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone with no additional app required


With the easy use of tagging, creation and implementation of interface components can be delivered quickly and easily


FIN Stack templates streamline the device discovery process by importing graphics, programs, and documentation at a single click


Standard open options such as BACnet, Modbus, with many advanced options (SQL, XML, REST, and MQTT)


Crisp, 2D and 3D graphic libraries that contain water-side systems, air-side systems, labs and dashboard components to bring insight into the facility