A full BMS without the cost and complexity

MicroBMS is an application suite on FIN Framework, usually running on a controller, gateway, HMI or server. Until now, fully featured building management systems have been too complex and costly for smaller or less complex buildings.

Combining the power of FIN Framework and Haystack tagging, FIN microBMS application suite delivers the benefits of a BMS without the cost and complexity to make your buildings smart, connected, comfortable and efficient. Whether a small retail or a school building, FIN microBMS provides the right functionality. Equipped with a control engine, FIN microBMS can also run system level control or plant room control functions.


What it does

Key Features and Benefits

Open and Expandable
Suitable for managing one or multiple different disciplines, including HVAC, lighting, shading, energy and power management. Supports open protocols such
as BACnet, Modbus, Haystack, KNX and ability to expand to proprietary protocols

Intuitive Dashboards

Wide range of dashboards for end-user level operation and monitoring, energy management and facility management

Reporting and Analytics

Set of default reports and ability to expand flexibly. Rich set of analytics available

Compliance with EnergyEfficiency Regulations

Ability to shape product to comply with market specific energy efficiency regulations such as EPBD

Plug’n’Play Engineering

Wizards and templates allow guided engineering and commissioning process, suitable for basic installer skill level

Less time spent navigating

Faster finding critical data

Improvement in alarm resolution success