Built on J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework, OpenXpress is an out-of-the-box building operating system that provides tools and applications that can be engineered quickly and easily


MicroBMS is an application suite on   FIN Framework, usually running on a controller, gateway, HMI or server. 

Edge2Cloud is a feature that allows users of the OpenXpress Framework to monitor and control remote building services infrastructure with cloud computing 

BACnet Programmable Controller

The OPEN General BXP is a native BACnet IP processor module that supports expansion input/output modules, a Modbus RTU and IP communications driver

BACnet IP & MSTP Router

The OPEN General BLINK-R is a BACnet IP/MSTP router with on board RS-485 Repeater.  It automatically transfers BACnet data from BACnet/IP to BACnet/MSTP.  It is a plug and play device with easy network setup via simple web browser.

BACnet Series Direct Digital Controllers

The OPEN General BACnet Series programmable controllers are native BACnet, universal stand alone direct digital controllers specifically designed for use in a multitude array of building automation and energy management applications.

BACnet MSTP Repeater

The BLINK-R is a 4 port RS-485 /MSTP BACnet repeater used to  repeat and extended  MSTP  communication signals. It accommodates distributive communication leg design for easier network troubleshooting. It supports multiple baud rates, selectable via a simple dip switch. A USB service port is on board for network analysis.

Wireless Monitoring and Control

The OpenGeneral BACnet BXP Programmable controller has onboard wireless connectivity that allows up to 50 separate wireless devices (sensors and/or repeaters) to be connected to the BMS  OpenXpress software suite.