Open, flexible, and scalable Wireless solutions

Wireless-enabled products reduce overall installation costs of building automation systems, making the increased use of sensors to establish and maintain highly energy-efficient building operations and healthy and productive work spaces affordable. Spinwave Systems is leading this transformation by delivering the industry’s most reliable and easy to deploy wireless sensor network for commercial building automation.

Spinwave’s products are designed for system integrators to incorporate wireless sensors into standard new construction or retrofit and upgrade projects with minimal change.

Thousands of our wireless products currently protect critical assets in data centers, libraries, museums and manufacturing facilities; shed loads and monitor energy consumption in demand/response applications; analyze facility utilization in office buildings; provide energy savings through occupancy-based control in hotels, dorm rooms and sports facilities; connect residences to the Smart Grid; monitor utilities at universities, high-schools and retail chains; control indoor air quality and comfort while reducing energy usage in commercial buildings.


SWC-TSTAT-3 Wireless Thermostat Controller

Spinwave Systems’ Wireless Thermostat Controller (6) is a drop-in replacement for most commercial noncommunicating thermostat, re-using the existing equipment wiring.

Thermostat functions and values are accessible remotely through embedded web pages (3) of the Mesh Gateway (1), via Modbus TCP communication (5) or through Cloud services (4).

Wireless Temperature Sensors

The OPEN General BXP is a native BACnet IP processor module that supports expansion input/output modules, a Modbus communications driver and can also be optionally configured to reside on a MSTP communications leg ion and energy management applications.

Wireless Relative Humidity Sensors

The OPEN General XM UI8AO8 expansion module is an eight universal input and eight Analogue output module that provides Input/Output expansion capability for the BXP BACnet IP programmable controller.

Wireless Digital Pulse Counter

Pulse Counters are used to wirelessly transmit electric/water/gas meter values (accumulated pulses and pulses per time) and make them available as BACnet, LON or Modbus variables using Spinwave’s BMS Protocol Interface or as digital outputs (pulse replication) using a BMS I/O Interface.

Key Features and Benefits

Edge Management

Edge2Cloud technology provides remote device registration and management across multiple users and sites with secure access to any connected device from anywhere. It provides easy portfolio management with full access to FIN Framework and all projects from one place.


Edge2Cloud features state-of-the-art authentication and encryption (to TLS 1.2) using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now a user can log-in to the cloud service from a browser anywhere in the world to access all the connected sites securely. No VPN required.


Edge2Cloud can be connected and integrated with other cloud platforms via an open API framework based on Haystack 4.0. OpenXpress “pushes” the data connection for the site to cloud, using the Haystack standard as the protocol, which is optimized for efficient remote connectivity.


Edge2Cloud can be deployed across multiple sites within minutes with a plug’n’play set up via an optional QR code – all you need is an internet connection.


Edge2Cloud is fully scalable to hundreds of thousands of sites for remote access from any browser.

Less time spent navigating

Faster finding critical data

Improvement in alarm resolution success