Wireless Digital Pulse Counter

The Pulse Counters are used to wirelessly transmit electric/water/gas meter values (accumulated pulses and pulses per time) and make them available as BACnet, LON or Modbus variables using Spinwave’s BMS Protocol Interface or as digital outputs (pulse replication) using a BMS I/O Interface.

The Pulse Counter consists of a high-power radio and a signal conditioning module, mounted inside a NEMA4X fiber glass enclosure. The radio is connected through a standard CAT5 cable to the signal conditioning module, providing data and power to the radio.

Pulse Counters can be battery or line-powered. A set of 6 D-Cell batteries will last for up to 8 years. Pulse counters are suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Up to 31 pulse counters can be wirelessly connected to a single BMS protocol gateway for remote metering applications. Up to 4 pulse counters are supported by the SWRF-IOR receiver/remote I/O interface. The SWS-DPC-N4PSI (with internal 120VAC/9VDC power supply) also acts as a router/repeater.

Separate wireless Repeaters/Routers are available to cover large indoor or outdoor areas. Wide range of mounting options – indoor/outdoor Interfaces to virtually any automation system. Pulse Counter can be battery-operated or line powered.

Device parameters and channel mapping can be easily changed wirelessly. Flexibility Included SWS-DPC-N4BAT: Wireless pulse counter in NEMA4X outdoor enclosure with battery holders SWRP