Wireless Thermostat Controller

Spinwave Systems’ wireless relative humidity sensors are available in two versions:

SWS-TRH: Sensors with internal temperature/relative humidity sensor

SWS-TRH-2TEXT: Sensors with internal temperature/relative humidity sensor and two additional external thermistors

High Reliability:  The Spinwave A3 Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) utilizes mesh architecture and features RF interference avoidance through self adapting frequency agility.

Easy to Maintain: Sophisticated power management results in long battery life of 3 to 8 years, depending on user-selectable transmission intervals. Battery health and communication health are continuously monitored.

Flexible and Scalable: System can grow from a few to hundreds of monitoring points. Sensors can be easily added, moved, or removed.

Multiple Interface Options: The A3 WSN interfaces to virtually any automation system (BMS, PLC), monitoring application or network management tool.

Install Quickly and Economically: Wireless system can be installed with no disruption to operations.