Universal Input, Analogue Output Expansion Module

The OPEN General XM8Ui8AO Expansion module provides a convenient and cost-effective means to add additional inputs, outputs, to the BXP Programm able family of distributed controllers. 

•   Powerful, Flexible System Allows for Simple addition of a several Universal Inputs and Analogue Outputs

•   Universal Power Supply Range (12-36 VDC, 15-24VAC)

•   Universal Inputs Provide the Most Flexibility, Including High Speed Counter Inputs

•   Individual Overrides and Potentiometers for all Analogue Outputs

•   Full Function Manual Overrides Provide Status Feedback

•   Cascading Input/Output expansion bus allows additional expansion

•   Module Power Supplied by the BXP programmable Controller, Reducing Installation Time and Cost

•   Expansion Module is addressable via on board dipswitches

•   DIN Rail mount module

•   Supports Modbus communications

•   Compatible with OPENXPRESS web operator interface